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About Screen read

This is just a pretend site with things I can control which is being used to help people learn how screen readers work.

The challenges set on this site are to help people learn to navigate all manner of content with a screen reader and highlight the importance of good, clean HTML.

It's built with the Eleventy static site generator and the you can see the code on Github

The challenges

When I use this site in training and learning about screen readers, I set the following challenges:

  1. What is the address of Screen Read?
  2. What is the first heading level 4 item on the 'Advice' page?
    (tip - use the Rotor tool)
  3. What animal is featured on the thank you page after fake purchasing the book "Accessi-bee-lity"?
    Use the card number 1234 9876 4422 6655
  4. The third section on the advice page recommends which FutureLearn course?
  5. What are the opening hours of 'Screen read'?
  6. How many links and headings are on the advice page? (tip - VoiceOver page summary)

The "Show VoiceOver help" overlays the website with a list of commands to help using VoiceOver easier, but it's not a full list. For more advice on using VoiceOver, have a look at the amazing WebAIM website.